Energy Audit

Energy Performance Certificates

Energy performance certificate for a building states the amount of energy that is required to meet the demands of the current users, that means for home heating, heating the water, ventilation, air conditioning and in case of public use houses also lighting.

In which cases the Energy Performance Certificates must be elaborated?

Every premise and house, which is put into commission and every building which is being sold or rented must have proper energy performance certificate.
The owner of the building or premise must prepare energy performance certificate of the building also in following cases:

  • when due to modernization or reparations the energy performance of the building has been changed
  • the previous energy performance certificate is no longer valid (the certificate expires after 10-year period).
  • The obligation of preparing the energy performance certificate came into power on January the 1st 2009.

Which types of buildings do not need preparing an energy performance certificate?

  • those being subject to regulations concerning protection and preservation of monuments
  • used for cult and religious purposes
  • which will be used for no longer than 2 years
  • for non-residential use in agriculture
  • industrial and farming buildings with annual energy consumption not exceeding 50 kWh per square meter
  • apartment housing which are used no longer than 4 months a year.
  • detached houses, where usable area is lower than 50 square meter.

Energy Audit

Energy audit is a survey made in order to depict a detailed undertaking of buliding’s thermomodernization, including finding the optimal solution for the case. The optimal solution must meet two criteria: low energy consumption level and possible minimal cost of modernization. Energy audit is an obligatory procedure for enterprises, that want to be granted a tremomodernization credit and bonus.

Thermomodernization bonus

Thermomodernization bonus is an assistance from State Treasury for the companies, that undertake thermomodernization of buildings. The bonus is allowed by the Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego and accounts for 25% of the granted and utilized sum of credit. The need of crediting emerges from the rule that State’s assistance must be professionally analyzed in order to be consumed in the most advantageous way.

Who can apply for thermomodernization bonus?

The thermomodernization bonus may be granted to every type of legal person. The Bill of supporting thermomodernisation undertakings states that every potential beneficiary has equal rights. Following types of investors can apply for bonus: natural persons, including detached house owners, legal persons, building societies, condominium communities and others.

The criteria for granting the bonus:

To be granted a thermomodernization bonus an applicant must meet following conditions:

  • Maximal repayment period cannot exceed 10 years.
  • Credit may be granted only for undertakings which lead to effect mentioned in the bill (reducing consumption of the energy)
  • Repayment of the credit must be covered from the money spared on Lower energy costs
  • granted credit accounts for maximum of 80% of the investment.