Reports and surveys

NEM offers preparation of following documents and products:

  • Expertise on technical condition of buildings or elements of construction
  • Appraisals of construction project and quality and correctness of conformance
  • Technical surveys on causes of upcoming damages
  • Reports on possibility of performing repair works
  • Appraisals of completeness and correctness of executed construction solutions
  • Surveys on the quality of construction and finishing works
  • Reports and surveys of fire-fighting professionals
  • others

In all scopes of our activity the services are rendered professionally and are of top quality due to our market experience and high qualifications of our experts.

Reports and expertise are elaborated by professionals with authorization proper to the subject of survey.

NEM has competed valuation surveys, reports and expertise at order of following insurance companies: PZU S.A., Winterthur S.A., Compensa S.A., AIG Polska S.A., Hestia Insurance S.A., Allianz Polska S.A., Energo Asekuracja S.A., Nordea Polska S.A., TRYG S.A., Polonia S.A., Partner S.A., Warta S.A., Heros S.A., FILAR S.A., SKOK S.A.