MBI (Management Buy In)/MBO (Management Buy Out)

Management buy-in and buyout are transactions, in which a group of investors consisting of managers takes over a chosen company, implements restructuring in order to increase the market value of shares and finally sells their stocks, making a profit. In case of MBO the current management of the taken-over company is the acquirer, while during MBI transaction a group of third party managers act as the bidder. Preparation and completing the transaction requires professional analysis of investment and creating solutions.

NEM offers services including

  • support in preparing strategy and valuating of the acquisition project basing on cash flows
  • applying for financial support of institutions
  • preparing the offer and details of transaction
  • evaluating the company
  • representing the bidder in negotiations with target company
  • optimizing the transaction with regard to tax regulation
  • preparing the contract
  • completing the takeover